Whether you are new to German Cuisine or just looking for a new spin on an old standby, there are plenty of ways to prepare delicious and authentic-tasting German classics.  Below are a variety of featured recipes, from simple cooking advice on Bratwursts to pretzel-crusted Schnitzel and delectable deserts, and everything in-between.  Have your own recipe that you’d like to share?  Click here and we’ll feature some of the top new recipes we receive each month.

Roasted Pork Shanks

Sausage and Potato Salad

White Asparagus in Hollandaise Sauce with Ham and Potatoes

OHD Filled Onions

OHD Special Sandwich

German Bratwurst with Green Peppers and Onions

Meat Stuffed Zucchini

Melon Salad “Parma” Recipe

Kaesespaetzle Recipe