Read what our customers are saying about Mika’s Gourmet Food, LLC:

“Seriously Great Kielbasa!” – Amy V., Plantation, FL

“Homemade sausages and beef sticks out of this world. Brats are great on the grill and beef sticks/salami with my whiskey. Grilled out at Dolphins game all products were a big hit!!!!” – Salomon W., Ft. Lauderdale FL

“My favorite is the “Hella” Ketchup, used with the Bratwurst….my neighborhood is already making orders….”  – Hendrik R.

“What a selection of German and European food and sausages galore. They make over 40 different sausages and they are soooooo good, they even have German bread and rolls! Schnitzel, fresh warm veal loaf and German magazines, oh my I feel like I am back in Germany. Excellent place to go to for a barbe-que party, bratwurst and German potato salad, can’t wait!” – Chris

“I challenge you to find a better German Deli in the area. They make everything in-house, Bratwurst, Knockwurst, Kielbasa, German Wieners, and even Blood Sausage. The service is fantastic, their mustard selection is freakin’ crazy, and the sausages are topnotch, they also have a wide selection of imported items, including spices, sweets, chocolate and even cake mixes from abroad. Try their freshly made German potato salad, spaetzle and of course sauerkraut. The reason why I can’t give them 5 stars is because they don’t open every day and they are just a bit pricey. Get some stuff from here, cook em up at home and try something different! You won’t be disappointed.” – Luis G., Ft. Lauderdale

“As a Thuringian one of the few things I miss here in South Florida is my beloved Bratwurst. When I tried Old Heidelberg’s Thuringian Bratwurst, handcrafted by Michael, the Head butcher I literally was… in heaven!!! It’s as close as you can get to authentic German food.” – Sascha R., Dania Beach

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